Playful tales for “children”

Time and Anti-time

I’m not well informed on anti-time… and on how you can proceed in backwards time… but wit always encourages creativity and mind, what remained… next year it will be 20 years from the first discovery and 30 from where it all began.

Naturally, as my Professor used to say… for those of you who will still be here… next year.

I’ve reported multiple times that time, as we know it, is strictly linked to space and energy; it’s hard to imagine it isolated; if I have elements that move in time mode in the same context but one does in the opposite way to the other, what could happen? How can we mechanically simulate this situation?

For some experts, the analogy with the CCS Turbine is obvious; you can get there with creative thinking and with your head, those who still have a working one… it’s not for sure I can always obtain an energy balance… there could be an excess of energy with some layouts, or a lack of energy in others or a balance in some case. But what are the physical, chemical, biological effects of these 3 layouts?

No one knows and no one can comment on it… for now…

Experimenting on it would give me an enormous satisfaction… I wouldn’t sleep anymore…

What happens forma n energetic point of view? What gets absorbed? What gets released? What gets created and what gets transformed?… both in case of balance and imbalance… if I lived in a rototraslating cell of time or anti-time, what wouls I see in the other cell? What would I see around me?… How would I relate with terrestrial context and with my neighbour?

What would I experience, traveling from one cell to the other? What would happen to the objects I take with me? How could I communicate from one cell to the other? What could I discover and observe? Another Earth… another thought… or something else that I’ll keep for myself…

Paths that would take us in different directions….but instead we get only bad news.

May 1st, 2022
Alessandro Leghi