Playful tales for “children”

Terrestrial time distortion

Imagine you have a vehicle with a power Pm driving engine equipped with a mechanical adapter that covers the advancemet/path “I”, the engine is connected to a slowed-down alternator that is an alternator with a mechanical adapter with a bigger reduction coefficient than the engine one; the ratio between the alternator adapter coefficient and the engine adapter equals “a”.

As we already saw the alternator power is Pa= Pm x a

A rototraslating cell C is connected to the slowed-down alternator; in this cell I should be able to measure space/time distortion.

The power applied to this cell is Pc = Pa = Pm x a

I can now start the engine up that drags the alternator and the rototraslating cell.

The cell C follows the alternator and the engine but from a space/time point of view it’s as if it covered a shorter path (“f”) even if it followed the engine and the alternator so:

Pm x l / Time = Pc x f / Time’

Pm x l / Time = Pm x a x f / (time x a¼)

Time gets distorted thanks to the fourth root of a as already demonstrated… but the value 4 could be based on how many times the time unit comes into play in time distortion and it could become 3 or 2…

Il tempo viene distorto in funzione della radice quarta di a come già dimostrato… ma il valore 4 potrebbe essere in funzione di quante volte l’unità tempo entra in gioco della distorsione tempo e potrebbe diventare 3 o 2…

If C were so big to include the engine and the alternator, it’s not certain that we could clearly see the complex A + M + C… it’s not certain that the machine is where the eyes see it in that moment… better yet if a person is on C, they may not actually be in the same point as we’re pointing.

Alessandro Leghi
January 6th, 2023