The 5th Dimension and the 5th Element

The 5th Dimension and the 5th Element

Tonight I was thinking about an old movie, The 5th Element and the link to the 5th dimension was quickly made; then the thought that creates and materializes obviously did the rest and I couldn’t sleep anymore.

Other than EARTH, WATER, AIR and FIRE, love was the 5th element in the movie; in my world, delimited to a few people, the 5th element is the 5th dimension; it’s the possibility of distort ourselves from terrestrial time… we’ll get there sooner or later… I’m trying even if I still don’t have any certainty but I won’t back off from working hard day and night until I have one functioning brain cell.

Together with latitude, longitude, altitude and time, there’s the possibility to distort ourselves from terrestrial time and to live in another dimension while remaining on Earth. Living on Earth without needing its resources or at least exploiting them in a sustainable way, allowing the planet to renovate everything we consume every (terrestrial) year… We could go back being simple “harvesters” and dedicate ourselves to take care and maintain Earth biodiversity. If we want to go beyond this… we could get far beyond where we’re aiming… We need study, dedication, experimentation but above all we need fitting and capable people… with a new economic system who rewards the goal of the investment… to those who still don’t understand, I’m talking about my virtual money.

All this seems to have little to do with the movie, but love is indeed present… it’s the love for the earth, for the human being, for everyone across the board and universally, for those who stay behind and think they don’t count… we can and we must find universal solutions, I don’t see any other choice, all we need to do is work on it, create with thoughts and materialize non-existing things that have a practical and rational root… the 5th dimension was born for all this… whoever has ideas and abilities can come forward.

It’s true that if I followed my instinct I’d slaughter dozens of criminals who buried our souls and future… as my mother used to say, they keep stealing from poor people… a good woman who, together with other men and women, is years ahead of us… despite not having a qualification… only popular wisdom rooted in centuries of vexations that create a conscience shaped by the reality around you, where everyone steals food from the neighbor’s plate, even if they’re not starving…

I’ll hopefully cover my north courtyard with a stone floor one day. At each triangle vertex, in the middle of the decoration, I’ll put a circle filled with 1-m-diameter rocks and in the middle of that I’ll put a 2-m diameter ring made of rocks as well… In every small circle I’ll put a small statue that will remind one of the 4 elements together with one of my siblings and in the bigger circle I’ll put a prototype of my turbine… the 5th dimension… I hope to realize this dream that is not only my own… But also of many people who want a new reality where the rue is to find solutions that systemically benefit everyone… a new social justice where priorities are far different than the present ones…

April 10th, 2021
Alessandro Leghi