Playful tale for “Children”

Theory on how to control gravity

It’s hot and climate change doesn’t help; the subject I try to creatively tackle today is the force of the magnetic field and the possibility to create levitating structures thus dominating gravity. Let’s think of a “trickle-down” turbine in its electrical version: the motors and the alternators rotate on themselves while rotating around the shaft and the central shaft; the motors push the alternators that power the motors and the surplus energy is available when “needed”. The magnetic fields of the motors and the alternators produce the mechanical couple to the respective shafts but their magnetic fields produced when rotating on themselves and around the central fulcrum could also create a vectorial force that could be go in the opposite direction of the gravitational force. Besides this rototraslating force could produce a distributed force per unit area that could consent to the platform/turbine to levitate. On a substantial area 1kg/ cm2 would be enough to obtain results that would allow to levitate in the air. It’s true, it’s just a theory that has to be tested and scientifically justified but if it were to be confirmed it could turn everything upside down and not only for residential purposes but also for transport and for space journeys, especially in the crucial parts of landing and going off of planets.

August 15th, 2019
Alessandro Leghi