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Tales and fairy tales to open the mind

Short stories and fables to explain the functioning of the Perfected Turbine C.C.S. and its possible uses.

Flavio Cremonesi… a friend

I have to make a video for my website… I need to find someone who edits the videos I shot… In the midst of everything I hear… I’LL DO IT…

My theory of everything

Everything I see, think, imagine turns around the CCS Turbine… it’s my personal theory “of everything”… there’s no avoiding… I internalize it in everything giving it a rational and perfect sense… my creative thought is always active and alert… engaging and trasversal on anything.

Let’s put numbers in line… Like 45 years ago…

But I say… like my great teacher used to… third year of high school is enough, maybe even the second one, to put numbers in line yet someone tries to convince us and tries to gather approval by inverting the order in a striking way following a perverse route… shocking…

Enhanced generative intelligence

“Pierino don’t touch the jam jar”… “Beppe don’t go in the workshop”… We all know how it end… Pierino and Beppe will end up in the ER… this is what will happen with enhanced generative intelligence.

Terrestrial time distortion

Imagine you have a vehicle with a power Pm driving engine equipped with a mechanical adapter that covers the advancemet/path “I”, the engine is connected to a slowed-down alternator that is an alternator with a mechanical adapter with a bigger reduction coefficient than the engine one.

Terrestrial time is coming to an end…

I wish I could see what I created in my mind and that kept me up many nights… The mechanic perpetual motion envelops us since always… how is it possible that everyone withholds the truth?...


Lux, how much longer to retirement? He… I’m out in 2 years… you have 10 years to go… hahaha… no, he still has 6 years… at least… if nothing worst happens (see international situation)…

Time and Anti-time

I’m not well informed on anti-time… and on how you can proceed in backwards time… but wit always encourages creativity and mind, what remained… next year it will be 20 years from the first discovery and 30 from where it all began.

TEMPORAL ANARCHY (space-time-energy)

We won’t be able to indistinctly say “see you next year”… but “see you in a terrestrial revolution in this precise place”… simply because the calendar and just time will not be enough to set up a meeting.

Good morning Professor

It’s been 42 years since the first bellring at Quarenghi Institute (79-80/85) and th memory of you is always is still alive and I remember you with fondness…

The 5th Dimension and the 5th Element

Tonight I was thinking about an old movie, The 5th Element and the link to the 5th dimension was quickly made; then the thought that creates and materializes obviously did the rest and I couldn’t sleep anymore.


What’s in store for us after the impending future, how we’ll live in a future future… if we can survive our sordid men and our sordid women (of which I know a few things and I think you too are aware of).

Enrico and Angela… Because…

In my life I was lucky enough to meet Enrico and Angela. Talking at dinner I understood how much Angela wanted to travel back in time so that her Enrico wouldn’t eat that damn sugar cube…

Moving at the speed of light

I don’t watch tv anymore but I have a fond memory of some tv series and good sci-fi movie where we could “see” objects that could fly and move at high speed; after a lot of work, now I think I can “see” why and give an informed answer!!!!!!

Theory on how to control gravity

It’s hot and climate change doesn’t help; the subject I try to creatively tackle today is the force of the magnetic field and the possibility to create levitating structures thus dominating gravity.

The G Bomb

A time not long ago yet not short ago there were a lot of people, evolved animals and everyone had something unique, some were from the NORTH, some from the SOUTH, some from the EAST, and some from the WEST. Some/lots of powerful people needed slaves to live while the others were often slaves.

Paradise is waiting for us

I think the most important things we have are health, DNA, passed-down DNA, personality and what we call spacetime, to which I add Energy as well… these elements are interconnected; this is certain.

How to colonize another planet

If we dominated gravity as seen in the technical note n.3 we could reach unimaginable velocities, distort time and our lifespan. At this point we could be ready to explore a fraction of our universe.

Happy New Year Tale 2017

It’s a fact that power is force multiplied by a shift in a unity of time. So far all clear; I hope it’s as clear that my turbine with out-of-phase adaptors can distort the space in a unity of time.

Phase Difference of the adaptors in the Universe

I had been looking for an analogy between the turbine with rototranslating alternator and with out-of-phase adaptors between alternator and engine (the one with slowed-down alternator) and in the end I had an idea after the tests with the torsiometer.


The analogy is simple: the engines are our planets, the sun is the power supplier (alternator) set directly on the central shaft of the turbine.

Whirlwind in a relationship

The theme of the love in a couple has been studied by many people and I want to contribute to this subject in a more technical way…

Theory of the virtual currency

Before the turbine or even the idea of the turbine, in 2000 a difficult historical period both for Europe and for me since I was grounded at work…my interior creativity pushed me to try rationally solving other universal problems

Atoms and Electrons

There are many analogies between the CCS turbine and the atom and its agitated nature. This analogy is simple: the engines are the electrons; the nucleus is the power supplier (alternator) set directly on the central shaft of the turbine.

Introduction drawn from a letter

As I’ve already told my dream is to say what I think, not only about the machine, to passionate people… if they changed their minds, it’d be more useful to them than to me…

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