Playful tale for “Children”

Happy New Year Tale 2017

Bonate Sotto, 8th December 2016

This year is almost ending and we’re still active. Sooner or later someone will have to be thanked.

Here I’ll try to give some thoughts, some trivial and some wittier than it might seem:

It’s a fact that power is force multiplied by a shift in a unity of time. So far all clear; I hope it’s as clear that my turbine with out-of-phase adaptors can distort the space in a unity of time. It’s as clear that turbines don’t distort space in the universe but they distort time in the unity of shift through gravity and mass. For this reason whoever will copy the same effects that take place in the universe will be able to distort time and in a way dominate it. The next scientific goal is to dominate gravity in a clean way; not only in order to levitate in space or to distort time, but also to achieve unthinkable velocities. One could wake up in Italy and go work in South Africa in less than 10 minutes… I hope… How many problems could be solved… no more permanent resident immigration… Even though the final goal is that everyone will be able to live and work from where they’re from, exactly like in the Medieval commune Age… There are other elements that unite us in real time. Physical and mental work will be less required… Artificial intelligence could be more efficient than us (or at least a lot of us)… Imagination and pure creativity will be a priority… We’ll be artisans with a creative mind… Dominating gravity and time could mean slowing the ageing process; absurdly if someone already had this technology, they would be “watching” us for thousands of years or even “manipulating” us. But this is science-fiction…

My opinion on time travelling is clear. From an astrophysical point of view it’s not efficient because we would systematically and cyclically end up in the same spot. It doesn’t make sense… In order to be efficient and intervene on the cosmos, a huge amount of energy is necessary… Basically more than the one present in the universe or at least a good part… I can venture that travelling to the future would be more efficient than travelling to the past. From a more personal point of view distorting time could slow down ageing… oh God… Horror and terror… We could have disturbing people around for centuries… that wouldn’t be a good thing… nevertheless death brings justice. Travelling to the future would be more efficient in this case as well… But there would be devastating effects… other than technical problems, an enormous amount of energy would be required and we couldn’t bring the context with us… If that was the case what we said about the astrophysical point of view would happen.

Everyone talks and everyone can see the effects of climate change; the distructions and the warnings probably aren’t enough to convince the people who could do something about it. To counteract these changes we will need more energy that will obviously be paid for, while the free energy has still a lot ahead. I twill be necessary to produce more energy at high cost (environmental as well); everyone is going to pay for it and it’s not going to be easy without a secure job… and a lot of people wash their hands thinking about green economy… Supertechnology will help but apparently not everyone. The supertechnology of a few years back used to amaze and cause a satisfacion less “indispensable” than the supertechnology of today, certainly more understandable. The one of today paired with a need (even primary) causes addiction; a sneaky addiction that moves a lot of money in the pockets of a few people without thinking of the consequences that we see on TV.

Fortunately these are tales… Superminds are not enough to understand supertechnology. We need people with, as Spanish-speaking people say, “CONSIENSA”… Who always question everything, even themselves, to “see” what others can’t; to see outside, inside and around us… When we evolve these concepts will be public knowledge; for now we can go against those who want us to always stay the same: IGNORANT.

For me this year has been uphill, a lot of anguish, a lot of worry and all of this because of incompetent and narrow-minded people who are horrified, laugh and mock hearing the word “CONSIENSA”… Perhaps they don’t know it’s not possible to distort time and for now it’s still certain that death always brings justice.

May the next one be a happy year for everyone

Alessandro Leghi